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Automatic Hummus Production Line|Manufacturing Machines Manufacturer

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  • Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
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The equipment is the best hummus manufacturing machine in food industry.

Main Feature

High efficiency, easy operation, good quality, high automatic, long service life.


The automatic hummus production line is composed of chickpeas peeling machine, chickpea roasting machine, hummus making machine, hummus mixing machine and storage tank. The equipment is the best hummus manufacturing machine in food industry, with the advantages of high efficiency, easy operation, good quality, high automatic, long service life.
Working Process: Peeling---Roasting---Grinding---Mixing---Storage---Filling and Sealing
Automatic Hummus Production Line
Main Components of Hummus Manufacturing Machine
1. Chickpeas Peeling Machine:
The series of chickpea peeling machine uses a high standard of pure rubber soft roller to imitate the manual action, the red rice of peanut is easy to fall off, and the operation is convenient, the output is high, the peeling rate is above 98%, no damage, broken rate is less than 5%, which is the most advanced peanut and chickpeas peeling equipment in China.
2. Bean Roasting Machine:
This machine adopts rotary rotary cage, with electric heating (heating coal or gas heating) as a heat source, using the principle of heat conduction and heat radiation, the hot air as drying medium, the heat effect in baked objects, in the baking process of baked objects in the cage by the propulsion device continuously push forward and roll form a continuous loop, is heated evenly and boring, effective guarantee of baking quality. The roaster has automatic temperature control and timing device, and the temperature can be adjusted freely between 0-300 degrees according to the required temperature of the material. It is very convenient to use.
3. Chickpeas Grinding Machine:
Colloid mill is composed of a fixed grinding body (stator) and a high-speed rotating grinding body (rotor). There is an adjustable small gap between the two grinding discs.
When the material passes through this gap, the speed of the material adhering to the surface of the rotor is maximized due to the high speed rotation of the rotor, but the speed of the material attached to the stator is zero, so that a sharp velocity gradient is generated and the material is subjected to strong shearing. Cutting, rubbing and turbulence produce ultra-fine comminution. All parts of the grinding machine that need contact with the material are made of high quality stainless steel.
4. Humus mixing machine:
The stirring barrel is driven by the motor's V-belt drive to rotate the impeller and the sauce is fully mixed. The stainless steel mixing barrel can be used as a stirring in various food industries. It has the advantages of energy saving, noise reduction, corrosion resistance, strong production capacity, easy cleaning, etc. It is widely used in the mixing of various materials in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, beverage, chemical and other industries. There are two kinds of closed and open types.
5. Vertical storage tanks
The storage tanks are mainly used for mixing and storage of pharmaceuticals, dairy products, sugar and other elements and various drugs. It is an indispensable equipment for pharmaceutical, dairy and beverage manufacturers.
Equipment structure: vertical storage tank sub tank, tank lid, feed inlet, discharge port are made of imported stainless acid-resistant steel 304 or 316L, according to GMP technical conditions, cylinder body polishing, there are two lines can be opened The cylinder head is used for cleaning. The bottom of the cylinder is tapered. The discharge port is convenient for discharging. It can be connected to the pipeline to facilitate continuous feeding of various ingredients. The discharge port is provided below.
6. Butter Filling Machine:
The filling machine is a product that is reformed and innovatively designed based on the advanced filling machine technology of the company. It is simple in structure, high in accuracy, and easy to operate. It is suitable for slurry filling in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, chemical and special industries. It is an ideal slurry viscosity fluid filling machine equipment.
Hummus Grinding Machine Manufacturer

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