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Dry Type Peanut Peeler Machine|Groundnut Skin Remover

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Peeling peanut red skin with dry type for fried peanut, spiced peanut, peanut protein milk powder ,eight-treasure congee, pickled peanut and canned peanut etc.

Main Feature

Stable performance, long service life, good peeling effects, high productivity and good quality.


Structure and  Working Principel of Peanut Skin Peeler Machine:
Structure: The peanut peeler machine is mainly composed of the feed hopper, the vibration feeding channel, the rubber roll with different speed of the two surface rotation line and the outlet channel and so on.
Working Principel: When working, power through a belt and a chain of two rubber roller rotation. There is a hopper on the top of the rubber roller. When working, the peanuts are put into the hopper, and the peanuts are fed into the two rubber rollers through the vibration of the feeding channel. The two rubber rollers are extruded and rubbed to achieve the purpose of peeling. The peeled peanuts outflow from the outlet. The design structure is reasonable, the work is safe and reliable, and the productivity is up to 200kg/h, 400kg/h, 600kg/h.
Peanut Skin Peeler Machine
Peanut Skin Peeler
Working Features of Groundnut Skin Remover Machine
1. After peeling, groundnuts fall to the discharging device, the discharging process will have a fan with shell and kernel of different proportion, the skin absorb, and benevolence will be along the outlet flow.
2. The main purpose of this machine is to improve the economic value of peanut deep processing products and increase economic benefits.
3. The structure of the machine is simple and compact, and the area is small.
4. The productivity is high, and the capacity of LGDP-12 model is up to 600kg per hour.
5. The groundnut peeling effect is good, the peeling rate was >96%, and the half grain rate was less than 6%.
Peanut Skin Peeling Machine
Peanut peeling machine is of great significance to the deep processing of peanuts and groundnuts. The first process of deep processing of peanuts is to peel it. Although peanuts can not be processed without peeling, the quality of processed products is quite different from that after peeling. Their economic benefits are quite different. In today's economic society, we must improve their economic benefits. Therefore, the peanut peeling machine plays an important role in the peanut food industry and is a necessary machine.

Technical Data

Model LGDP-12
Capacity 600kg/h
Power 2.6kw
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Peeling rate 96%
Dimension 1100*850*1100mm
Weight 300kg


1. I want to know the roasted peanut skin peeler price.
Ok, just tell us your requirement about the machine's capacity. You can leave a message or send email to us, we will send price to your email.

2. How many models are there in this peanut peeling machine?
Three models are LGDP-4, LGDP-8, LGDP-12. The output is 200kg/h, 400kg/h, 600kg/h. 
3. What is the voltage of the peanut peeling machine?
Generally 380V/50HZ, can also be customized according to customer requirements.
4. How long is the guarantee?
We promise guarantee as half of one year for non-human damage factor.
5. What's the payment mode?
T/T, L/C, Western Union or Money Gram.


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