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1MT Three Stage Almond Shelling Cracking Machine Price in India

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Mainly used for shelling all kinds of hard shell nuts, such as almond, hazelnut, pistachio, camellia fruit and so on.

Main Feature

Complete a one-time processing almonds, high shelling rate, perfect separating effect, low kernel broken rate and automatic.


This three stage almond shelling machine is a necessary cracking equipment for medium and large almonds processing plant. The capacity is s 400 kg to 1 MT per hour to meet the needs of different customers. Professional hulling, automatic and low factory price.
Three Stage Almond Shelling Machine Price
Structure of 1 MT Almond Shelling Machine India:
This machine include elevator, shelling unit for almond and almond kernel separator. Then the shelling unit can be divided into three parts: the first stage, the second stage and the third stage. Adjusting the clearance between processing compression roller of one two three so as two processes the ability to process three different types of almonds at the same time. 

Advantage of Three Stage Almond Cracking Machine:
  • We are the machine senior manufacturer in China, can give you the most competitive almond cracking machine price in India and other countries.
  • The distance between the rollers of this machine, can broken the different size shell of  the products, because the size of the shell is different, so it is better to broken the big size, then broken the smaller size. 
  • The almond cracking rate can reach 98% with broken rate less than 5%.
Craacked Almonds By Machine
  • Reasonable design, easy to operate. We have professional engineers to guide you to use it.
  • Made of high quality materials, compact structure and long serve life.
  • Best almond shelling machine price for every customer. Welcome your inquiry.
  • With a good shelling effect, it can deal with three different sizes of almonds at a time. (for a better cracking effect, almond can be graded first).

Almond Shelling Process:
The almond shelling cracking machine is composed of sheller and hoister, automatic feeding with the hoister, then it can shell hard nuts with three different levels at the same time. By adjusting the clearance of all levels of processing roller without grading the almonds, you can shell them at one time.

Automatic Almond Shelling Machine Working Video:

Service for Almond Cracking Machine India:

  • Accept customer consultation, determine the scale of operation according to customer needs, and provide factory building plan;
  • To provide customers with project design, process design, suitable for your machine and equipment purchase program formulation, provide relevant technical documents.
  • According to your special needs, design and manufacture products.
  • Train technical operators for preliminary design and construction design.

Technical Data

Power 5.25kw
Capacity 800-1000kg/h
Size 3300*2300*2600mm
Shelling Rate 98%
Broken Rate 5%


1. Do you have almond shelling machine operation video?
Yes. You can leave your email and we will send the video to your mailbox.
2. I want to buy a small capacity machine, can you supply it?
Yes, we have single-stage almond sheller machine which capcity is 300-500kg/h.
3. I also want to buy a almond shell and kernel separating machine. Do you manufacture it?
Yes, we can supply almond shell and kernel separating machine.
4. What is the voltage/phase for this machine?
We normally make voltage into 220V/50HZ/Single phase or 380V/50HZ/Three Phase. It also can be customerized.
5. How about the deliver time ?
Usually,the deliver time is about 20 days.


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