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Electric Sesame Seed Roasting Machine LGMHK-1 Single Drum

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Roasting and drying sesame seeds, soybean grain, peanut, groundnut, chestnut, cocoa bean etc.

Main Feature

Electric or gas heating, uniform heating, automatic temperature control, timing, sanitary and convenient, low operating costs.


Introduction of Electric Sesame Seed Roasting Machine:
The roaster machine is electrically heated and fully automatic. Temperature automatic control, even drying effect which can fully meet export standards. The drum type roasting machine is mainly used for drying corn sesame, soybean, sunflower seeds etc food.

Structure of Single Drum Sesame Seed Roaster Machine:
The machine is composed of transmission device, electric heat pipe, electronic control box, drum and other parts. The LGMHK-1 sesame roasting machine can be divided into two heating modes: electric heating and gas heating. The rotary cage, blade, shell, feed hopper and discharge hopper of the roaster are stainless steel.
Electric Sesame Seed Roasting Machine for Sale

Application of Drum Sesame Roasting Machine:
This dryer machine is mainly used in food processing industry, small beans (sesame seeds, soybean, wheat), nuts (such as peanuts, chestnut, melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts, coffee roaster) and other materials to reduce water drying, baking mature food. Continuous roasting, high capacity.

Sesame Roasting Process:
The machine uses rotary drum type, electric heating (gas heating) as heat source, heat conduction and radiation principle, hot air as drying medium, and heat energy is applied to the baked object. During the sesame drying process, the sesame nut is continuously pushed and turned in the cage by the propulsion device, forming uninterrupted full-angle heating. The heating is uniform and the baking quality is effectively guaranteed.
Single Drum Sesame Seed Roaster Machine

Advantages of Electric Sesame Roaster Machine LGMHK-1:
  • The roasting drum in our factory is made of stainless steel plate punching, which prolongs the service life of ordinary screen by 5 times.
  • Exclusive clutch design, all parts after precision processing, to prevent sudden power failure caused unnecessary losses.
  • Automatic temperature control, timing device, temperature between 0 - 300 degrees freely adjustable, simple operation.
  • The LGMHK-1 sesame roaster machine is made of stainless steel. Our factory can also customize low-cost roasting machine with stainless steel and non-contact carbon steel, which can save the purchase cost of the oven and meet the requirements of production hygiene.

Electric Sesame Roasting Machine Working Video:

Technical Data

Model LGMHK-1
Dimension(mm) 3000*1200*1700
Output (kg/h) 80-120
Motor Power(Kw) 1.1
Electrical Heating(kw) 18
Gas Heating(kg) 2-3


Q: If buy your machinery, will you arrange personnel to teach us?
A: yes, if you need, we will send debugging personnel to give you installation and debugging and coaching.

Q: What is the voltage of the single drum sesame roaster machine?
A: Generally 380V/50HZ, can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Q: How long is delivery time?
A: Without special customization, normally delivery time is when we receive the deposit 7-10 days arrange delivery. If in busy situation need 15 to 20 days.


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