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Hemp Oil Extraction Machine|Flax Seed Oil Press

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Squeeze peanuts, flax seed, sesame, rape seed, sunflower seed, hemp seed, soybeans and more than 30 kinds of oil crops.

Main Feature

Wide range of uses, high oil purity, high oil pressing rate, energy saving, good material quality.


This screw hemp oil extraction machine is mainly used for individual processing and commercial use. The machine's various models, different output, a variety of options, easy to use. Almost all of the oil crops can be squeezed through the press. Includes peanuts, soybeans, sunflower, rapeseed, walnut, cottonseed, and more. It is in the introduction of foreign technology, with vacuum filtration, automatic temperature control function. Out of good quality oil products. Taste fragrant, the oil rate is still high.
Hemp Oil Extraction Machine
Significant Advantages of Flax Seed Oil Press Machine:
1. Squeegee design is reasonable, a high rate of oil. Adopting the principle of multi-stage propulsion and gradual pressurization, the pressure of squeezing chamber increases rapidly, causing the oil to fissile once and then adopting infrared temperature control system to automatically control the pressing temperature.
2. Wide range of uses. A multi-purpose machine can squeeze peanuts, flax seed, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower seed, hemp seed, soybeans and more than 30 kinds of oil crops. Multi-level squeezing, squeezing a net.
3. High oil purity. Vacuum filtration residue, to ensure pure oil, in line with health and quarantine standards.
4. Energy saving. The same output to reduce power 40%, with an average of 6 degrees per hour to save electricity, production can save 30 yuan electricity.
5. Provincial workers. The same output can save 60% of the labor force, 1 to 2 people can organize production, Japan can save labor effectiveness of about 40 yuan.
6. Small footprint. Oil Square 10-20 square meters will be able to meet the use.
7. Innovative ideas, mechanical and electrical integration. Scientific design, reasonable structure, easy operation, safe and stable, the use of fully automated devices, from feeding to finished products only need a few minutes to complete.
8. Material quality, sophisticated technology. The machine is made of high-carbon steel, high-frequency quenching, heat treatment made of high hardness, high strength, good wear resistance, continuous operation to adapt to high temperature and pressure to improve the service life of oil press, the use of time for a few ten years.
Flax Seed Oil Press Machine

Maintenance of automatic hemp seed oil press machine:
1. every 50 hours, should check the lubrication condition of gear box above, not oil cup oil, screw shaft bearing adjustment screw should be adjusted screw hole in each class to add the butter once prohibited dry grinding.
2. the parts that need to run the oil should prevent dust and other impurities from invading. Check the quality of the oil of the reduction box once a year and find that all the oil should be replaced after deterioration.
3. when the press volume is reduced, the cake or oil is not normal, the screw shaft should be drawn out to check the wear condition of the screw, the bar and the cake circle, and the worn parts must be replaced in time.
4. at the end of each shift, should remove the machine residual cake, clean the surface dust, grease machine.
5. when the end of the production season needs long-term storage, the machine should be maintained once, and squeezed snail, squeeze bar, cake ring washable re-oiled and placed in a dry place.
Hemp Seed Oil Press Machine

Technical Data

Model LGYL-80A LGYL-100A LGYL-120A LGYL-130A LGYL-165A
Screw diameter 80mm 100mm 120mm 130mm 165mm
Capacity(t/24h) 3-4     5-6     6-8 10-12 18-20
Motor(kw) 5.5 7.5 11 15 22
Weight (kg) 700 1000 1400 1700 3500
Size(mm) 1480*630*1570 2200*810*1850 2200*1650*1750 2350*840*1850 2600*1920*2300



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