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Hemp Seed Dehulling Machine for Sale|Fructus Cannabis Dehuller Separator

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Ideal hemp seeds dehulling machine to remove shell for fructus cannabis processing plant.

Main Feature

Mechanized production, production efficiency, high shell dehulling rate and good quality.


This hemp seed dehulling machine is an ideal hemp seeds dehuller for fructus cannabis processing plant developed by our company. And the dehulling equipment can achieve completing impurity removing, seed dehulling, shell and kernel separating and re-separating for the hemp seed in one operation.
Hemp Seed Dhulling Process:
The processing technology of the hemp processing machinery is to shell hemp seeds after cleaning and grading, and then remove the shell, two shell removal and several repeated separation treatment after the shelling, and separate the large shell, small shell and various impurities in the mixed material.

Features of Fructus Cannabis Dehuller
1. According to the characteristics of the fructus cannabis, the machine performs shelling treatment and uses a sorter with different structures and principles to carry out multiple debarking and dehulled hemp seed(fructus cannabis) sorting treatments to obtain a high purity hemp kernel. 
2. The ratio of shell in the finished hemp kernel is below 0.2%, and the content of green shell is below 0.5%.
3. The mechanized connection between the processes has improved the production efficiency and reached a capacity of 200kg per hour.
4. The machine is capable of continuous mechanized production, providing convenient conditions for deep processing and industrialization of hemp seeds.
 Hemp Seed Dehuller Separator
The effect of Fructus Cannabis:
1. In terms of efficacy, hemp seed can excrete excess fat, cholesterol and other harmful substances in the body, not only detoxify and lose weight, but also nourish yin and nourish kidney and liver.
2. Long term consumption of hemp seed not only has significant effects on chronic neuritis, constipation, hypertension and diabetes, but also has the effect of nourishing heart, benefiting blood and prolonging life.
3. Fructus cannabis can be pressed into oil fire, by known as the "longevity of oil", is the only water soluble oil.
4. In medicine, the hemp seed is often used to assist in the treatment of some late terminal symptoms, which are used to improve appetite, relieve pain, and also be used to relieve glaucoma and epilepsy, migraine and other neurologic symptoms.
Working Video of Hemp Seed Dehuller

Technical Data

Item Equipment Name Capacity Dimension Power
1 Feeding Hopper 150-200kg/h 0.8*1.2*1.5M  
2 Screw Elevator Dia.0.8*2.3M 0.37kw*2
3 Shelling Machine 6*2.1*2.3M 0.75kw+0.25kw*4
4 Receiving Hopper 1*0.4*1.5M  
5 Fan   1.5kw
6 Electric Cabinet    



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