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Tomato Paste Sachet Packing Machine Manufacturers

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Suitable for automatic packaging of liquid and viscous fluid state food, spring pressure knife principle, easy for maintenance.

Main Feature

Finish automatically all processes, from measuring, date printing, making bag, filling, cutting.


This automatic tomato paste packing machine can automatically complete a series of actions, such as bag making, filling, counting and sealing. The sachet packing machine is suitable for automatic packaging of liquid and viscous fluid state. Such as: fruit jam, shampoo, shower gel, skin lotion, tooth paste, cosmetic cream, mayonnaise, edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup, spaghetti sauce etc .
Working Principle of Tomato Paste Sachet Packing Machine
During the packaging process, the tomato paste packing machine feeds through the material stretching feeding device, the plastic film passes through the film cylinder to form a tube shape, and the side surface is sealed by the hot vertical sealing device, and the package is injected into the bag, and the transverse sealing mechanism is based on The color code photodetection device cuts the length and position of the package.
The paste packaging machine places a roll of film on a support device, passes around a guide rod set and a tensioning device, detects the position of the trademark pattern on the packaging material by a photoelectric detection control device, and winds it through a forming device into a film cylinder. Pack on the surface of the filling tube.

 Tomato Paste Sachet Packing Machine

Features of Automatic Tomato Paste Packing Machine
1. Feeding with manual metering. Bucket chain conveyer is convenint on feeding or multi-material packing.
2. This machine is featured with compact structure, stable, easy operate, convenient on repairing.
3. This machine adopts photocell control system, visual and understandable, accurate positioning, nice looking.
4. This machine can finish automatically all processes, from measuring, filling, bag making, date-printing and finished productions conveyance.
5. Measure methods:gear filling machine, sealing form:3-side, four-side sealing.
6. The use of advanced PLC control system, fault automatic and the alarm diagnosis stop, the use is safety and simple, automatic shows number of packags, convenient to statistics the workload
7. The stepping motor is step-less speed regulation,  color code tracking device can obtain perfect trademark logo, intelligent temperature controller can adjust sealing temperature,and reliable performance is easy to operate.
8. Automatic feeding, counting, heating, adjustable packaging speed, fault display function etc.
9. Unique packing and sealing technology, make the sealing perfect,substance.

Automatic Tomato Paste Sachet Packing Machine

Technical Data

Model LG-300
Packing Speed 40-80 Bags/min
Power 1.8KW/220V
Measure Range 10-100ML
Bag Size L:40-280mm W:20-120mm
Dimensions 780*920*1680mm
Weight 350kg


1.What is the usage of this automatic paste packing machine?
--Mainly for liquid and viscous fluid state materials packaging
2. What is the voltage/phase for the tomato paste sachet packing machine?
-- We normally make voltage into 220V/50HZ/Single phase or 380V/50HZ/Three Phase. But it can be made according to clients' demand.

3. How long is the guarantee?
-- We promise guarantee as half of one year for non-human damage factor.
4. How long time i can get the machine ? 
-- Usually, the deliver time is about 20 days.


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