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Moringa Powder Making Process
Publish:2018-02-27 By serena
Moringa leaf powder, as its name implies, is the young Moringa leaves made of ultra-fine crushed by muringa leaf grinding machine.  It has the effect of comprehensive supplement of nutrition, improving immunity, detoxifying and nourishing the face, reducing weight and so on. Moringa leaf powder rich nutrients, vitamin E is 70 times of Spirulina and soybean powder and 40 times. Following will describe the moringa powder making process.

Moringa powder making process: drying moringa leaf, then grinding dried moringa leaf, get moringa powder. During the whole process of powder production, the drying machine, the powder grinding machine and so on are needed.
Introduction of muringa powder making machine:
The muringa leaf grinding machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, construction and other industries. It can be processed for crushing hard and dried material such as dried seeds, sugar, salt an so on. And it can also be used as a matching equipment for the processing of the micro pulverizer and ultramicro pulverizer. This machine adopts impact crushing method. When the material enters the crushing chamber, it is impacted by six movable hammers, which are swivel at high speed. The material is crushed by the impact between the gear ring and the material. The crushed material enters the powder bag through the sieve hole with the help of the air flow, leaving no residue.
Moringa leaf refers to the originating in India perennial tropical deciduous tree Moringa leaves. Moringa seeds and leaves are rich in nutrition. It has the effect of reducing blood sugar, lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure, anti tumor and so on. In India, Moringa has thousands of years of history, has become one of the indispensable food in daily life. 

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Moringa Powder Making Process
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