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Peanut Stone Cleaning Machine Operation Guide
Publish:2018-02-06 By serena
The main function of peanut stone cleaning machine is to classify the peanut, concentrated cleaning stone. In the use of peanut stone cleaning machine before, we must first understand the operational guidelines for peanut destoner, so six points below the summary for reference.
1, adjust the direction of the vibration: in the process of work, loosen the locking handle, rotate the small circle on the vibration indicating board into a straight line for the correct position, then lock it. At this time, the scale corresponding to the indicating needle is the vibration direction angle. It's usually around 30 degrees.
2, the amplitude of the adjustment in the work process, application of the principle of visual persistence when the signs in the position, amplitude line intersection of corresponding scale as the actual value of the amplitude. If the measured value is not 4-5mm, and the effect is not good in the normal vibration process, we can adjust the amplitude by adjusting the balance block in the vibration motor, and pay attention to the consistency of the two motors, and adjust it after locking.
3, peanut stone cleaning machine must start in the stationary state. The butterfly throttle adjusting handle indicator alignment "6" position, the valve plate at the bottom of stones, adjusting front adjustable support rod so that the screen angle of about 7O, start the suction system and check whether the normal work, start the machine, adjust the feeding gate, at half transparent glass surface is preferred, need to wait for a few minutes after the stones in the valve plate, the valve began to improve until the row of stones, no longer increase the opening, but if the stones piled up in the valve plate, the valve plate height increases. If the valve plate is open and no stone is discharged, it is necessary to reduce the slope of the sieves. If there are too many peanuts and stones, try to increase the air absorption. If it is still ineffective, the slope of the sieves should be increased. The proportion of light heavy material logistics is realized by changing the volume of wind, and the general light flow is around 25%. Light flow too much show that the wind is too large, the shortcoming is that the stone is not cleaned thoroughly. Light flow over less increases the unit load of the stone screen and affects the effect of rock removal. The replacement of the second, third section screen surface of the upper screen can also adjust the proportion of light heavy material logistics.
4, if we find classification or stone removal is not good, we should check the size of the opening of the air door, the location of the stone valve, the size of the feed flow and the uniformity of the feed. The yield 125 is 12-14T/h, and the type 100 is 9-11T/h.
5, feed regulation: feeding box is provided with a spring pressure and feeding plate, spring pressure door stable feed flow, by adjusting the feed box should make the memory of a certain thickness of the material, to prevent air from entering the machine, by adjusting the feeding plate, so that the material can be distributed evenly in in the whole screen width.
6, the adjustment of air volume: loosening the air inlet butterfly valve handle on the loosening machine, adjusting the opening degree of the handle, changing the size of the air volume, whether the air volume is suitable, and whether the material is suspended on the screen surface is the criterion.
The above is the guide to the operation of peanut stone cleaning machine. Hope these notes are helpful for you.
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Peanut Stone Cleaning Machine Operation Guide

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