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Why Should You Blanch Almonds?
Publish:2018-10-16 By serena
For fruits and vegetables, blanching means that after the blanching, the cell membrane permeability changes, and peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase and other intracellular enzymes are oxidized to brown substance through cells. Then for the almond, why should you blanch almonds? Blanching almond means that after the blanching, almond skin will be more easily to remove, so if you want to make almond food, you need to peel it; or if you don't like almond skin, you need to blanch almonds. That's some reasons of why do you blanch almonds.

At the same time, if you are in the industry need a device to help you better blanching almonds, then peel almond skin, almond blanching machine is a best choice, it is usually used with an almond peeling machine.
Why Should You Blanch Almonds?

When you are wondering why blanch almonds, the following three points should be paid attention to when blanching almonds:
1, temperature and time: various materials require blanching temperature is not exactly the same, such as hawthorn blanching should be below 75 ℃, so as to avoid pectin heated swelling, causing cracking; peas and almonds in boiling water or slightly below the boiling water temperature Under blanching, depending on species and maturity, therefore, blanching temperature and timing should be based on the specific types of fruits and vegetables raw materials, maturity, tenderness, color and other characteristics of a comprehensive consideration, usually in boiling water or slightly below the boiling point For 2-10 minutes.

2, blanching liquid requirements: a variety of raw materials on the blanching liquid requirements are not exactly the same, the white material to use citric acid to adjust the blanching liquid pH value to prevent browning (phenolic optimum pH is 6- 7, less than 6, activity was significantly weakened, can be blanched at pH = 3 conditions); green raw materials require alkali in the blanching solution, the pH value of 7.5-8.0 or so (no more than 9) to inhibit chlorophyll Magnesium. Why would you blanch almonds? this is a reason and requirement.
3, blanching standards: blanching should be properly grasp the standard blanching to passivation enzyme principle, in addition to the time (2-10min) mastered, the general should grasp the principle of half-baked, transparent organization, increased brightness, soft Not bad.

Here are some reasons why should you blanch almonds and matters needing attention when blanching almonds. If you still have questions about why blanch almonds, and want to know more about them, contact us and we will give you the help you need.

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