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Automatic Cashew Nut Shelling Process in Plant
Publish:2018-10-11 By serena
Cashew nut is a popular nut because of its rich nutrition and delicious taste. The public does not seem to know the cashew nut sheling process, but also very curious, here will let you know the automatic cashew shelling process in plant and related machinery.

Automatic Cashew Shelling Process

Automatic cashew nut shelling process:
(1) Removal of sundries:
First with the vibrating screen and winnowing machine, remove the small proportion of cashew nut with shell in the body shell fruit, branches and leaves and fruit fiber; the method of water immersion and mixing is used to remove the impurities and sediment with large proportion.

(2) Grading cashew nut:
In order to facilitate the shell breaking process, the cashew nuts with different size and surface evaporation were graded according to the particle size. The roller and screen mesh with the aperture of 20 ~ 24mm and 16 ~ 20 mm were classified. The cashew shell was divided into large, medium and small grades. The staging cashew nuts are loaded into the corresponding instruments or bags and are identified.

(3) Cooking cashew:
In order to separate the nuts and nuts from the shell effectively, so as to break the shell and improve the whole kernel rate, the graded cashew nuts were placed in a high pressure cooking pot of clean water for steam heating, the heating temperature was 105 ~ 130 C, and the heating time was 10 ~ 40 min. This step is important in the whole cashew shelling process.

(4) Fast cooling:
Remove the heated cashew quickly and immediately put it in a cold storage room with a temperature of 4 to 10 C, storing 1 to a demon;

(5) Shelling cashew:
The cashew nut after heating and cooling is processed by the cashew shell breaking machine. In this process, in order to ensure the shells, the whole kernel rate of nuts, the invention adopts the self-made cashew shell cutting machine broken shell, in which different levels of cashew nut with shell with different from the knife, fruit fruit in 9 ~ 12mm, 7 ~ 8mm, 5 ~ 6mm small fruit.

(6) Screening:
Because the shell and shell residue less than nuts, so you can use a vibrating screen and nut shell, winnowing machine broken shell after separation.

Video of Cashew Shelling Process in Plant

Our cashew shelling machine is the professional cashew machines, it adopts an advanced shelling process. This method uses a high percentage of broken shells, simple process operation, strong practicality, low energy consumption, good stability, and is suitable for mass industrial production. In this method, first, the harvested shelled cashews are subjected to vibration and air separation, water immersion and stirring to remove impurities, and then grading, cooking, and rapid cooling are performed. Cashew nuts were then used to shell the shelled cashews. Finally, the wind separator and shaker were used to separate the shells and nuts.
Cashew Nut Shelling Process in Plant

These are the general processing of cashew nuts, as well as automatic cashew shelling process video in the plant, hoping to help you most cashew nut shelling process have a better understanding. At the same time, if you want to build a cashew processing plant, we can supply you complte cashew nut processing machines which will be your best choice. If you want to know further information, please contact us.

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