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How do you blanch peanuts? - Peanut Blanching Process
Publish:2018-10-16 By serena
The blanched peanuts are slightly soft and have no skin. White blanched peanuts are very suitable for cooking or baking, and they are also very suitable for making peanut butter. In the food industry, the raw materials for making many peanut snacks are all blanched peanuts, like peanut butter, peanut powder, peanut particles. When you make peanuts foods at home, you will find that red skinned peanuts will affect the taste. This shows why it is so important to blanched peanuts.
How do you blanch peanuts
Now, you may be thinking about "how do you blanch peanuts?" To answer this question, we must start with a brief description of the blanching principles and peanut blanching process.

Peanut blanching principles:
Blanching, also known as pre-boiling, is the process of heating fresh materials properly treated in hot or boiling water or steam at higher temperatures. After blanching, the pesticides and microorganisms attached to the surface of the peanuts were removed on the basis of retaining the original nutritional value, so that the processed products were more green and healthy.

Peanut blanching process:
Blanching is an indispensable process for peanut food before production. Its technological peanut blanching process includes selection cleaning, blanching, cooling, filtering, feeding and so on.

Peanut blanching machine, a special equipment used for blanching peanuts, fruits and vegetables. It is the perfect answer to the question "how do you blanch peanuts". In the peanut blanching process, it has many characteristics: automatic conveyor, adjustable speed, high-strength conveyor wire, food-grade stainless steel conveyor belt, stainless steel structure, equipment connected smoothly. Both steam heating and electric heating can be customized according to customer requirements.

Peanut Blanching Process

I hope the above answer can perfectly tell you: how do you blanch peanuts. In addition, during the peanut blanching process, blanching machine is an indispensable machine. It is mainly used in major food processing enterprises. In practical application, due to some factors, the efficiency of the blanching machine will be changed (mostly reduced). If it can not be solved in time, it will not be conducive to the continuous processing of products.
Here are three common factors that affect the efficiency of the peanut blanching process. Let's take a look.
First, the working environment of the equipment.
It includes temperature, humidity and sanitary conditions in the workplace.
Second, method of operating equipment
Improper or unintentional manipulation by staff members;
Third, the various problems of the equipment itself.
Some parts of the equipment are damaged and malfunctioning, and the bearings and screws are rusted.

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