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How to build a peanut butter manufacturing plant in India?
Publish:2017-12-04 By serena
The significance of peanut butter production line in food industry is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
(1) Standardize production procedures and ensure product quality. By setting reasonable operation procedures and automatically completing operations by machines, the uniformity of product quality is better and the quality of hygiene is higher because of the randomness of people's direct participation and operation in traditional production process.
This is the main means to ensure the standardization of the product and the important characteristics of the modern food industry.
(2) Reduce production costs, because labor productivity and product quality improvement, plus machinery can make full and reasonable use of raw materials, reduce material consumption, and reduce production cost effectively.
(3) Reducing labor intensity and improving labor productivity. An operator can manage one or more units at a time, or even a set of equipment with high production capacity.
(4) Improving the working environment.
(5) It can finish the work that is not done manually.

If you want to build a peanut butter manufacturing palnt in India. You must consider following factors:
(1) Machine quality: Generally speaking, the higher the price of the machine, the quality is usually better. But first of all, you need to know the price level of the industry and the price of the machine of different materials.
(2) Manufacturer: Usually, choose the manufacturer of the machine. The longer the manufacturer engaged in the machine will be more reliable, and the price will usually be lower. Do not choose foreign trade company, because the intermediate cost of foreign trade company is very expensive.
(3) Mode of transportation and packaging: The mode of transportation have railway transportation, air freight, sea transport and so on. The price is different. The sea transportion is the cheapest and guaranteed to be shipped abroad. It is the safest to use wooden box packing for the machine.
(4) Plant area: For the area of the factory, it is sure that the smaller the factory area and the lower the cost. Of course, we have to combine the size of the machine you want to buy.
(5) Land prices in India: The cost of the plant is determined by the price of the land. So, you must choose the right time to buy the land.

We are devoted in manufacturing peanut butter machinery for about ten years in China. If you want to know the machine details and price, just feel free to contact me.
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Peanut Butter Manufacturing Plant in India
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