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Peanut Butter Manufacturing Plant Cost
Publish:2018-03-08 By serena
As the demand for peanut butter has increased, more and more food processing plants have started to buy peanut butter production line, and more and more businessmen are planning to build their own peanut butter manufacturing plant. Now, the price of peanut butter production line on the market is uneven, how should customers choose the machine? For those who are planning to engage in the industry, what is the cost of building a factory?
Peanut Butter Plant Cost
1. Quality of equipment: customers should not blindly pursue low-price equipment when purchasing the peanut butter production line, and should pay more attention to the quality of the machine, so as to avoid the loss of compensation. The quality of the machine generally depends on the manufacturing material of the machine (generally good for stainless steel) and the quality of the motor.
2. Manufacturer and supplier: choose peanut butter machine to buy directly from the manufacturer, not only the machine price is more affordable, after-sales service also has certain safeguard.
3. The transportation and packing: due to the mode of transportation of the consignment using different (shipping, shipping, railway transportation, etc.), transportation distance is different, so the freight is also different, these directly affect the price of machine. The packing of wooden cases can effectively protect the equipment and ensure the safety in transit, so the cost is higher than the simple packaging.
4. After-sales service: the individual merchants sell the equipment to the user at a very low price in order to pursue the immediate interests, but the after-sales service can't keep up with the problem, which can't be guaranteed.
5. Equipment configuration: the configuration of equipment is an important factor affecting the price of peanut butter production line. The equipment produced by different manufacturers is different, such as material, machine design and other details.
6. The area of the factory and the price of the land. If you're going to build a factory, that's the main cost that you'll need to consider. The area of the plant should be calculated according to the area of the peanut butter production line you intend to purchase. The price of land, of course, depends on the local price level.
These are the points that customers should pay attention to when choosing a peanut butter production line, and the cost of setting up a new factory. We as a professional peanut butter production line manufacturers, if there is any of our equipment failure or technical problem when customers in the use of the machine, you can contact us directly for repair or replacement, after-sale security protection.
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Peanut Butter Manufacturing Plant
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