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Peanut Butter Process Flow Chart
Publish:2017-11-07 By serena
Peanut butter is rich in protein, mineral trace elements and a large number of B vitamins, vitamin E, etc., with blood pressure, lowering blood pressure effect, can also help to sleep. Our peanut butter production line developed according to market demand can be processed with high quality stable peanut butter, granular peanut butter and common peanut butter. It has a high degree of mechanization, simple operation, smooth operation, low noise, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance and so on.
Peanut butter process flow chart:
Peanut Butter Production Flow Chart
Main equipment introduction:
1. Roasting Machine ---- This peanut roaster is equiped with temperature and time control device, can control the quality of the roasted peanuts, which affects the quality of peanut butter.
2. Cooling Conveyor ---- This cooling conveyor not only ensure the continuous production but also play an important role in cooling roasted peanut kernels.
3. Peeling Machine ---- This peanut butter production line adopts the special peanut peeling and half separating machine to improve the output of peeled peanut kernels a lot.
4. Grinding Machine ---- This Grinding machine can be single grinder or grinder combination for large output or superfine grinding process.
5. Mixer Tank ---- This mixer tank is used for mixing peanut butter with other ingredients such as powdery, salt, sugar, dry skin milk, or others needed for production. it also have function of cooling peanut butter.
6. Vaccum Degassing Tank ---- This vacuum degassing tank can remove the air from the peanut butter to make it more stable and can be stored for longer time. 
7. Storing Tank ---- This storing tank plays a part in storing and cooling peanut butter, preparing for the filling and packaging of peanut butter products.
8. Packaging Machine ---- This packaging machine is used to package the peanut butter into finished peanut products for sale.
Peanut Butter Production Line
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