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Buy Industrial Sesame Seed Grinder Machine
Publish:2018-05-30 By serena
The calcium content of sesame paste is much higher than vegetables and legumes, often eat sesame paste, especially children eat more, can promote bone and tooth development, effectively prevent rickets, daily edible sesame paste contains rich nutritional value, not only can increase the elasticity of the skin, beauty to raise colour anti-aging, anti-fatigue effect and so on. Today, the small sesame paste machine can no longer meet the needs of sesame paste, and is gradually replaced by efficient, fast and safe sesame seed grinder machine. So where can you buy industrial sesame seed grinder machine?

Colloid mill is a kind of equipment for shearing, emulsifying, dispersing and mixing sesame. It is made of a high speed rotating stator, and the other stator's shear force, friction force and high frequency vibration between the stator and the other stator, so as to achieve fine processing of sesame paste. In addition to electric motor and parts, all parts of the industrial sesame grinder machine are made of high quality food-grade 304, 316 or 402 corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Convenient cleaning, safe and hygienic materials during grinding, no pollution.

There are various types of sesame seed grinder. There are vertical, split and horizontal (motor case stainless steel). The discharge port has square rapid discharge, and three - way ball valve circulation pipe discharge. Customers can choose according to different production materials, output and fineness. Whether it is a small grinder or a large industrial sesame seed grinder colloid mill, LONGER colloid mill can meet everyone's needs. Welcome you buy the sesame seed grinder machine. We only sell mechanical equipment with the highest cost performance, the best quality and perfect after-sale service.
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