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Buy Commercial Peanut Butter Grinder Machine
Publish:2018-05-29 By serena
Commercial peanut butter grinder machines has a very wide use. It can make nuts butter, nut milk, soybean milk, apple juice, onion paste, garlic paste etc. But we often do not know how to choose it when we buy peanut butter grinder. Here we teach you how to choose peanut butter grinder commercial.

First of all, we should know what factors affect the grinding effect when buy a peanut butter grinder machine.
1. One is the speed, and the two is the mechanism of the grinding head.
2. The toothed structure of the grinding head. It is divided into initial teeth, middle teeth, fine teeth and superfine teeth. The finer the teeth, the better peanut grinding effect.
3. The greater the shear rate of colloid grinding head, the better the effect.
4. The more cycles, the better the grinding. It can reach the limit of the equipment and achieve the good effect.
5. The retention time of materials in the grinding chamber. The grinding time can be regarded as the same motor. The smaller the flow, the better the grinding effect.
These are the 5 major factors of the grinding effect of commercial peanut grinder machine for peanut butter.

In addition, for some common materials, it is also particular about selection.
1. When colloid mill grinds viscous materials, it is advisable to use a straight outlet structure grinder with scraper.
2. It is advisable to use circulating pipe for crushing lean materials, which can automatically and repeatedly process the materials and facilitate the connection between the upper and lower processes.
3. When processing soft materials such as fruit tea and soft drinks, LGJMS-110 grinder macihne is the most suitable choice. LGJMS-130 type colloid mill has large processing flow.
Usually, when grinding peanut butter, sesame paste and other sauce products, try to choose a larger, water-cooled colloid mill. If it is a water mill, less fluidity, you should also choose LGJMS-80 or more divided commer peanut butter grinder. The bigger the machine, the better the grinding effect.
I hope these suggestions can help you buy a good commercial peanut butter grinder.
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