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How To Peel Red Skin Peanuts By Machine?
Publish:2018-05-26 By serena

Peanut kernel is one of the most important vegetable oils and vegetable protein resources. It is the most widely researched oil seed used to produce edible protein in the world. Peanuts can be eaten simply after processing, and can be made into many kinds of food and health food with rich nutrition, color, aroma and taste through deep processing.  

However, we can not ignore the adverse effects of peanut red skin in processing, because the red skin contains catechol, tannin and a variety of pigments, which will make the color of peanut products darker, and the germ on the skin contains four kinds of bitter ingredients, such as saponins, which seriously affect the taste and appearance of peanut products. In addition, the peanut red skin contains a lot of dust and microorganism, so the majority of peanut products, such as peanut protein beverage, peanut butter, peanut candy, peanut tofu etc foods processing are required to pass through peeling skin the process.

So how to peel red skins by machine in factories that produce peanut foods? They use a peanut skin removing machine. The machine design is the use of two rubber roller rolling make peanuts from two roll pass, linear velocity of two rubber roller surface is not the same, using the fast and slow the effect of two rubber roller will peel off. After peeling, it falls into the discharging device. In the process of discharging, a suction fan will use different specific gravity of the skin and kernel to suck the skin away, and the peanut kernel will flow out along the discharge port. The structure of the peeling red skin peanut machine is relatively simple and compact, with relatively small floor area and high productivity. The peanut red skin peeling machine can be applied to the processing and production of white peanuts kernel, peanut milk, peanut butter, peanut beverage, peanut candy and peanut small food for children.

Above is the peanut skin removing machine working video which show how to peel red skin peanuts. If you are interested in the peanut peeling machine, just feel free to contact us.
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