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How to make good quality peanut peeling machine?
Publish:2018-05-26 By serena
Good Quality Peanut Peeling Machine

Our factory has been committed to the production of peanut machinery for many years. We have made peanut peeling machine, nut butter grinding machine, peanut baking machine, cutting machine and peanut butter production line. Many people want to know how to make peanut peeling machine. Today we are going to share with you some production methods.

The peanut peeling machine adopts the dry method of peeling, which is mainly for the peeling process of the roasted peanuts through friction, and the separation of peanut kernel and skin is carried out. The effect of peeling is good, the separation effect of kernel and skin is good, and the rate of whole kernel is high. 

The overall structure is to install two relative rolling rubber rolls in the middle of the frame, and the gap between the rubber rolls can be adjusted to be used for different sizes of peanuts. The surface line speed of the two rubber rolls is different. There should be a feeding container above the rubber roll, a feeding channel between the feeding container and the rubber roll, and the feeding channel should be vibrated to prevent the blockage, and a vibration mechanism should be designed. There is a feeding device under the rubber roll, and the skin and the kernel can be separated in the process of discharging, so there are two out of the discharging device. One side of the material is thrown out, and the other side can be installed with a suction fan to suck out the skin. If there is no fan, it can also be separated manually. The motor is used as the power source, the motor is driven by the belt wheel and the belt drives the belt wheel to rotate, so as to prevent the two rubber roller from slipping, the two rubber roller must be driven by chain.

Following is the peanut peeling machine structure which help you make a good quality peanut peeling machine. If you want to get the machine price and details, welcome you inquiry.
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how to make peanut peeling machine
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