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Development Direction of the Powder Grinding Machine
Publish:2018-04-28 By serena
Powder Grinding MachineThe main method for obtaining ultra-fine powders is the mechanical crushing method using powder grinding machine. The difficulty in ultrafine crushing and grading technology relying on the mechanical method to obtain ultra-fine powders is increasing, and the research depth is never-ending. The ultra-fine grinding technology is a comprehensive technology in many aspects, and its development also depends on the progress of related technologies. Therefore, the development of powder grinding technology should focus on the following aspects.

(1) Develop good powder grinding equipment and other ancillary equipment that are matched with ultra-fine grinding equipment. The closed-circuit technology combined with ultra-fine grinding and grading equipment can increase production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the granularity of qualified products. It can be said that large-capacity, high-precision grading equipment is the key to the development of ultrafine grinding technology. More research and development should be carried out from the point of view of the entire process system. On the basis of the existing smashing equipment, other auxiliary process equipment such as grading equipment and product conveying equipment should be improved and matched.
(2) Improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and continuously improve ultrafine grinding equipment. The key to ultra-fine crushing technology is the equipment. Therefore, it is first necessary to develop a new type of ultra-fine crushing equipment and its corresponding classification equipment. The latter seems to be more urgent.
(3) Integration of equipment and process research and development. The ultra-fine powder grinding and grading equipment must be adapted to specific material characteristics and product specifications. The specifications and models are diversified, and there is no crusher that is efficient and versatile for any material.
(4) Develop multi-functional ultra-fine grinding and surface modification equipment. The combination of ultra-fine pulverization and drying processes, ultra-fine pulverization and surface modification, mechanical mechanochemical principle and ultra-fine pulverization technology can expand the application range of ultra-fine pulverization technology. With surface coating and solid miscibility, new materials with unique properties can be prepared.
(5) Development research and particle size detection and control technology related to ultra-fine grinding technology. Powder grinding particle size detection and control technology is one of the important conditions for the continuous production of ultra-fine powder industrialization.

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Development Direction of the Powder Grinding Machine
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