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Almond Milk Making Process
Publish:2018-04-26 By serena
Almond milk is a vegetable protein drink made from natural wild almonds and water. Its white as milk, exquisite jade, unique flavor, can be used as a substitute for ordinary milk, it is generally believed that it does not contain cholesterol and lactose, is conducive to health. The following is the almond making process in the industry and home.

The methods of making almonds milk in industry:
Almond sorting, peeling, detoxifying, soaking, rinsing, crushing and grinding, separation of pulp and sludge, sterilization, cooling, almond milk.
The machines that need to be used are: almond blanching machine, peeling machine, almond milk grinder, sterilizing machine and so on.

The methods of making almonds milk at home:
1, take a proper amount of almond and soak with water.
2, remove the almond skins (and also directly use almond pellets that have been skinned).
3, put almond in the cup and add pure water.
4. grinding machine with alms to make almond and pure water quickly dissolve and produce uniform white concentrated pulp.
5, take off the cup, filter the almond paste with a filter, and pour the almond particles in the filter into the pure water for two mixing (repeat steps 3 and 4).
6, filter again, mix two times of almond milk and add ice sugar for 2 to 3 minutes.

In terms of efficacy, almond milk is effective in preventing and reducing the risk of heart disease and many chronic diseases. In addition, Almond Lotion also has the effect of beauty and beauty, which can promote microcirculation of the skin and make the skin luster. 

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Almond Milk Making Process
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