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How to Choose a Good Sauce Grinding Machine?
Publish:2018-04-24 By serena
The grinding machine can be applied to all kinds of fluids, semi fluid and emulsion materials. It is a suitable sauce grinding machine in food industry, making chickpeas sacue, peanut butter, tahini, almond butter, chili paste etc.. Compact design, beautiful appearance, good sealing, simple decoration, high production efficiency, stable performance, easy operation and so on. It is an ideal processing equipment for processing fine materials. However, the types of grinding sauce machine are various and there are many models. How to choose a good sauce grinding machine for those who purchase the machine for the first time?
Selection of sauce grinding machine for reference
1. It is advisable to use circulatory tube to crush dilute materials, which can automatically and repeatedly process the materials and facilitate the linking of the upper and lower processes.
2. It is advisable to use the straight outlet with scraper to crush the thick material.
3. Hard teeth should be used to crush hard materials. The high hardness tooth colloid mill adopts special technology, and the hardness of gear grinding can reach HV1400 ~ 1600.
4. The comminution of common building coatings and foundry coatings can be made by paint grinding. The grinding grinder of the paint mill is made of carbon steel and the price of the coating mill is low.
Maintenance and repair of sauce grinding machine
1. The colloid mill is a high-precision machine. The wire speed is as high as 20m/ seconds, and the millstone gap is very small. After the repair, the coaxial error of the shell and the spindle must be corrected by dial indicator. The error is less than 0.05mm.
2. When repairing the machine, it must not be struck directly by iron bell during the process of disassembly and adjustment. Use wooden hammers or wooden blocks to gently knock, so as not to damage parts.
3. This confidential seal: it is divided into static and dynamic seal. Static seal adopts O rubber ring and dynamic seal adopts hard mechanical combined seal. It is found that scratches on hard sealing surfaces should be grinded immediately on flat glass or flat plate castings. The abrasives are better than 200# silicon carbide abrasive paste. If the seal is damaged or badly cracked, please replace it immediately.
4. In the course of using, according to the condition of processing materials, regular maintenance should be carried out as appropriate.
5. Refer to the motor manual for maintenance and use of motors.
6. The vast majority of the spare parts are standard parts of the GB and ministries and bureaus, which are purchased all over the country.
Chickpeas Sauce Grinding Machine
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