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How does a sunflower seed sheller work?
Publish:2018-04-19 By serena

The sunflower seed sheller machine is a professional device to process sunflower seeds for plant. So how dose a sunflower seed sheller work? The machine uses a unique double shelling device, through the frequency conversion technology to achieve separate control of the sheller machine. The unique wind return system enables the unpeeled kernels to automatically enter the next shelling cycle, thereby greatly improving the shelling efficiency. The unit can complete the impurity removal, shelling, skin removing, sorting and re-election of sunflower seeds at one time. It is the first choice of the sunflower seed industry in the world today.

Working process of automatic sunflower seed sheller:
Raw material----feeding to the tank---- decontaminate( clearing the rock, soil block and other impurities our)----Sorting( classify the sunflower seeds to 6-7grades)----mixing----shell sunflower seeds according to grade---- drying the final product----finished product storage---- packing---selling

Our machines have been certified by ISO9001:2008, HACCP, QS and export health registration, and the company's own production line of sunflower seed shelling is also certified by CE. We have attracted many international famous sunflower processing factories with professional, reliable products and good reputation, and have established good cooperative relations. Under the premise of ensuring product safety, quality and cost, the company leverages its R&D advantages on the production line and decades of professional experience in the production of sheller machines, through self-exploration, continuous improvement of production and production processes, and continuous improvement and innovation of products. Efforts to provide customers with quality products and services.
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