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How to install peanut fryer machine?
Publish:2018-04-18 By serena
Steps to install a peanut fryer machine:
1. Connect the automatic temperature control instrument box, blower, lifting motor, clear residue pump, main power supply, check the rising and falling of the fry basket.
2. Close the connection pipe of the residue oil pump and the fryer, and start rinsing the frypot with iron slag, rust, garbage, etc., and discharge it through the artificial slag discharge port.
3. Install the connecting pipe of the oil pump and the frying line, and check that all the pipes and joints of the residue pump and the fryer do not leak oil. Then, the clean slag filter is wrapped in the clean slag filter drum and put into the oil container. . Use a residue pump to pump the cooking oil from the oil container into the fryer (the oil is placed 15 centimeters away from the bowl) and soak the metal part of the thermostat in the cooking oil.
4. Start ignition, add coal after ignition with dry fire (using anthracite over 7,000 calories), (350W-550W blower), start small amount of air combustion, when the oil temperature reaches 165-180°C, blower full air volume into the air.
5. Check whether the thermocouple metal part of the instrument box is immersed in edible oil. The temperature control display is normal. Turn the number in the temperature indication to the temperature (130-190°C) you need to lower the pot. (Two temperature control table data are equal)
6. When the temperature reaches 130-190°C, a small amount of frying is started. The first time, a small amount of material is needed and the second time is more than expected. (It is forbidden to take more than the first time)
Peanut Fryer Machine Manufacturer
Our peanut fryer machine advantages:
1. The whole process of oil temperature automatic control, temperature from 0----230 degrees can be set at random, suitable for frying all kinds of process requirements of food.
2. The water filling valve is located in the low oil layer, any time adding water can not affect the frying work, and there is a check valve, which solves the problem that if the water is stopped and the oil is poured into the pipe in the process of adding water.
3. Low water with a temperature measuring device, water temperature display at a glance, and can also set water temperature, compared with the measurement of water temperature, higher than the setting temperature, the cooling measures can be taken. The occurrence of water boiling is prevented in advance.
(special variety also has automatic cooling function)
4. Oil-water separation surface is equipped with observation glass tube and drain valve detection device. The water level line can be more accurate.
5. The oil-water mixture process design international, compared with ordinary fry, saving oil. Prolong the use period of the oil, not carbonized oil generation, oil saving 50%, six months can recover the investment in equipment.

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