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How to press peanut oil correctly?
Publish:2018-04-19 By serena
Peanuts are the main oil crops, which are rich in nutrients, but the quality, color, texture, and even oil yield of peanut oil pressed by different peanut oil presses machine are not the same. These and the oil press itself are inseparable, but also different from the press method, the process is very different.
The pressing process is divided into a cold pressing process and a hot pressing process. Nowadays, the new oil press machines are all multi-purpose hot and cold, and the cold pressing process is that the raw materials, that is, peanuts, go directly to the oil extraction machine without preheating treatment. press. The hot pressing process refers to the fact that after the raw materials are frying or steaming, they are then pressed into the oil extraction machine. The cold-pressed peanut oil has better color, texture, and nutrient content than hot-pressed, but its taste, oil yield, and shelf life are lower than those of hot-pressed. This article will tell you how to press peanut oil correctly?
1. Now the frying pans for the peanut oil press machine are generally drum type wok, which is fast and saves labor. But peanuts have a layer of coating on the outside. This layer of coating is very thin. When it is fried in a tumbler, it is easy to get rid of, and a substance called “benzopyrene” is produced. Not only can the color of oil be blackened, but it can also cause cancer. Therefore, in order to squeeze peanut oil, peanut roasting machine is very important, we LONGER machinery as a professional production of oil extraction machine manufacturers, it is recommended that everyone use the thermal oil frying pan.
In case of heat-conducting oil frying pans and peanuts, the heat is transferred through the heat-conducting oil, which will not harm the thin coating, or it can add appropriate amount of water during frying to neutralize the high temperature. , The color of peanuts that are roasted out after being crushed will be pretty much after the squashing, or it will be directly crushed and steamed. The effect is also very good.
2. In addition, the temperature setting of the oil press is also very important when pressing. If it is to make the oil taste fragrant, the temperature can be appropriately higher, if it is for the good quality of the oil, it is recommended to set the temperature at about 140 degrees.
3. Besides, the amount of residue discharged from the oil press has a direct impact on oil quality.
Choosing the LONGER peanut oil press machine is a very good choice. An advanced oil press machine, together with the right pressing method, can produce high-quality peanut oil.
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