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How to choose a drying machine?
Publish:2018-04-17 By serena
Nuts Drying Machine Manufacturers
Factors to consider when choosing drying machine:
1. Physicochemical properties of the material - morphology, moisture content, aqueous nature, water of crystallization, particle size, bulk density, viscosity, heat-sensitive, softening point, phase transition point, thixotropy, toxicity, corrosion, odor, flammability, explosiveness , electrostatic, gas permeability, agglomeration, crystal or particle smashability.
2. Drying characteristics of the material - The drying curve, the critical moisture content, and the equilibrium moisture content under the drying conditions to be selected.
3. Drying production requirements and long-term planning.
4. The impact of material commodity value and drying effect on it. Such as product moisture, pollution, temperature, wear, powder, crushing, rehydration and other effects on the value of goods.
5. The requirements for the material recovery rate.
6. The sequence of the material drying process.
7. Past drying methods for materials or similar products.
8. Available heat sources (coal, fuel, electricity, gas, liquefied gas, natural gas).
9. Installation site size, with or without special requirements.
10. Environmental Requirements - Restrictions on dust emission, noise, vibration, odor, volatiles, etc.
11. The amount of procurement funds that may be invested, local labor, land, and energy prices.
12. The user's operator level and maintenance capabilities.

Our nut drying machine adopts the principle of rotary roller cage, heat conduction and heat radiation, and uses coal (also can be made into fuel gas, fuel oil or electric heating type) as fuel. During the drying process, the to-be-bake object is spirally wound in the drum. Continuously promote the formation of continuous rolling, so that nuts are heated evenly, and effectively ensure the drying quality. The nut drying machine can be widely used in roast or dry peanut, walnut, hazelnut, almond, cashew nut, macadamia and so on..
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