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How to Dry Hazelnut?
Publish:2018-04-17 By serena
Electric Hazelnut Drying Machine
A hazelnut drying machine is a mechanical equipment for obtaining a dried hazelnuts with a specified moisture content by heating the moisture (generally refers to water or other volatile liquid components) through heating. Then how to dry hazelnut, the drying process of the hazelnut drying equipment is mainly introduced in this paper.
A large amount of heat energy is consumed in the drying process. In order to save energy, some materials with high wet content, suspension or solution containing solid material are usually dehydrated by mechanical dehydration or heated evaporation first, and then dried in a dryer to get dry solids.
The purpose of drying is for hazelnuts to be used or further processed. For example, wood drying before making wooden models and wood can prevent products from deforming. Drying of ceramic billets before calcination can prevent products cracking. Besides, the dried materials are also convenient for transportation and storage, such as drying the harvested grain to a certain moisture content, so as to prevent mildew. Because natural drying is far from enough to meet the needs of production and development, various mechanical driers are more and more widely applied.
During the drying process, the heat and mass (wet) transfer should be completed at the same time, and the wet partial pressure (concentration) of the wet vapor on the surface of the material is higher than the wet partial pressure in the outer space, and the heat source temperature is guaranteed to be higher than the material temperature. Heat transfer from high temperature heat source to wet material in various ways, so that the wet part of the material surface vaporizes and escapes to the outer space, thus the difference of wet content appears on the surface and inside of the material. The internal moisture diffuses to the surface and vaporizes, so that the moisture content of the material decreases, and the drying of the whole material is completed step by step.
The drying rate of hazelnuts depends on the surface vaporization rate and the diffusion rate of internal moisture. Usually the drying rate in the pre drying period is controlled by the surface vaporization rate, and then the drying rate and surface temperature of the material remain stable as long as the external conditions of the drying are constant. This stage is called the constant speed drying stage. When the material moisture content is reduced to a certain extent, the diffusion rate of the internal wet partition to the surface is reduced, and it is less than the surface. At the vaporization rate, the drying rate is mainly determined by the internal diffusion rate, and decreases with the decrease of wet content. This stage is called the "down drying" stage.
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