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How to wash and dry raisins?
Publish:2018-04-10 By serena
The raisins on the market have two main methods of drying:
1. Traditional drying methods: Sun dried raisins or dried raisins in the shade. There will be some dust on the surface of such raisins, dried raisins need to be cleaned when eating.
2. Quickly drying method: Wash the raisins quickly with a raisin washer machine, remove dust and impurities, and immediately dry them with a dryer machine. The raisins thus made do not need to be washed when they are eaten and can be eaten directly. The raisins we buy in supermarkets are made by this method if we indicate on the bags that they are ready to eat, so they can be eaten directly and have the best nutrition and taste.

If we buy raisins that are bulk or need washing, how do we wash and dry it? There are tips for washing raisins.
The first method: Put the raisins in the basin, tap the maximum, and use the pressure of the water to quickly rinse the raisins. Rinse the raisins, dry them, and put them in a clean towel. Wipe off the water and eat them
The second method: add a spoonful of flour in a pot, add appropriate amount of warm water and stir evenly, and mix the flour and water evenly. Put the raisins in a bubble for one minute, wash the raisin by hand, and wait until the flour becomes turbid. The raisins are washed clean. Rinse again with clean water and drain it to rest assured. Cleaning raisins with flour water is because the viscosity of the flour is relatively large, and the dirt on the raisins is stuck with the sticky flour water, so the raisins will be washed particularly cleanly.
The third method: Put the raisins into the water and boil for 1-2 minutes. Then remove the raisins and put them in a clean bowl. Put them into the microwave oven and heat them slightly to dry the surface water.
Tips: Do not wash raisins for too long. Because raisins are soaked in water for a long time, they will not return to their original flavor.

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