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Automatic Almond Nut Cracker Tool
Publish:2018-06-14 By serena
These automatic almond nut cracker tool developed by our company is a professional nut cracking tool. The cracker machine is suitable for apricot nut, peach nut, badam, camellia fruit, hazelnut, jujube kernel and so on. There are three types of cracker machines that our company handles almonds. Here are the characteristics of these three models almond nut cracker tool:

First, a small automatic almond nut cracker tool suitable for home use
The advantages of small crust breakers are small investment, high equipment breaking rate, suitable for small customers in the family, equipped with equipment that needs to use screens to grade apricot kernels before they are broken, and then break shells.

Second, automatic almond nut cracker
Almond nut cracker machine is mainly used for stripping hard shells of various specifications almond shells. The machine is composed of a processing roller and a vibrating screen. It removes a hard shell of almond, peach kernel, hazelnut, and jujube at a time, adjusts the gap of the processing roller before taking off another specification, and so on. With reasonable design and low crushing rate, it is currently the most ideal almond processing equipment.
Output: 300-400kg/h Power: 2.2kw Voltage: 380v Size: 1.9*0.8*1.2m
almond nut cracker tool
Third, third grade almond nut cracker machine
This nut cracker tool is mainly used to strip all kinds of almnd hard shell. It is composed of feeding material, first, second and third-level processing rollers, the screens at various levels and vibrating screens. When peeling off the hard shells of apricot nucleus, peach kernel and hazelnut with different specifications, the design is reasonable and the broken rate is low. , is the most ideal nuclear processing equipment at home and abroad.
Production: 800-1000kg/h Power: 6.75kw Voltage: 380v
Almond nut cracker manufactured by us is of good quality and excellent price. It integrates pre-sales, sales and after-sales services and strives to create first-class products and services for our customers. Welcome you inquiry these almond nut cracker tool.
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Automatic Almond Nut Cracker

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