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Dry Soybean Skin Removing Machine for Sale
Publish:2018-03-29 By serena
The soybean skin removing machine can be used for peeling kinds of round shape bean, such as soybean, mung bean, green bean, black gram etc; it is multifunctional including peeling and separating, sorting together, the shell and skin can be separated and sorted after peeling, so we can get clean and pure bean kernel after processing by this machine unit. The dry soybean skin remover has the features of high peeling rate, large capacity, automatic processing from feeding, grinding to final bean kernel product.

Precautions for using a dry soybean skin removing machine:
(1) When commissioning, all the transmission parts shall be filled with lubricating oil, and special attention shall be paid to the bearing position and vibration motor. Carefully check whether there are any problems with the card or the touch. Pay special attention to whether there are any iron, screws, or hard objects between the rollers. It is required that the manual peeling roller moves freely. Then, turn on the power to adjust the direction. Follow the (pipe suction fan) → Peeler separation sieve → Peeling machine → Feeding roller for boot order (shut down otherwise). Empty the test for 30 minutes and carefully check each Bearing position, motor drive position, no abnormal sound, before a small amount of material test can be cast.
(2) According to the different technical requirements of the peeling raw materials or the production process, the gap between the peeling rollers can be adjusted by shutting down. Generally, the soybean peeling is 2.5-3.5 mm. Claim.
(3) It is forbidden to start or shut down with the material. In the event of a sudden stoppage, it is necessary to manually remove the material from the roller and rotate it freely before starting up.
(4) In normal production, according to the production time, regular inspection of the transmission parts to ensure that the oil level, fasteners, normal, overhaul, the bearing cover can be opened, filled with gasoline after the bearing is filled with butter.
(5) The double-nut must be used to lock the vibration motor, motor base and drive shaft to prevent the vibration of the motor from co-oscillation after the motor base is loosened, resulting in breakage of the drive shaft.

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Soybean Skin Removing Machine for Sale
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