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Soybean Milk Production Process
Publish:2018-03-27 By serena
A summary of soybean milk production line
The soybean milk production line is mainly made up of homogenizer, stainless steel soybean milk grinding machine, cold and hot cylinder, batching cylinder, filter, beverage pump, ultra high temperature instant sterilizer and filling machine. The whole production line uses the ultra high temperature instantaneous enzyme system and the double grinding system, which is the equipment for the production of various dairy products.
Varieties of soybean milk production line
Milk production line can be divided into: Cereal milk production line, black bean milk production line, production line, red bean milk Soybean Milk soy milk production line, peanut milk milk production line, soy milk and other types of production line.

Soybean milk production process:
1. The semi wet process, dry process (or slightly moisture) blanching and wet grinding, with advantages of both wet and dry, thus changing the processing technology of our country for many years has been a continuation of the old soybean soaking pulping, high efficiency, no waste water treatment using raw materials, without excessive production equipment.
2. Soybean processing into the first milk dry and peeling process, reduce the residual rate of soil bacteria to prevent milk pollution, while reducing the bitter and astringent taste, so as to improve the flavor of soy milk.
3. Inactivation of enzyme at the instant of high pressure steam and immediately adding water to smash, which can produce no smell of soybean milk.
4. The extraction rate of protein and the recovery of solid are improved by the combination of coarse grinding and ultramicro grinding.
5. Kill the bacteria and heat-resistant bacteria by the high temperature instant sterilization method, then vacuum vacuum flashing to get rid of the odorous odors, and remove the vapor from the disinfectant liquid, so that the temperature of the soymilk will drop to 65-80 degrees C, and the protein degeneration will be reduced.
6. The process of production and processing of the whole equipment conforms to the requirements of food production. Stainless steel materials are used in the contact part of the material.

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Soybean Milk Production Process

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