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How to make mustard sauce?
Publish:2018-03-21 By serena
Are you familiar with mustard sauce? Yes, people who have eaten Japanese cuisine must have eaten mustard sauce. Mustard sauce has played a big role in Japanese cuisine. Let us first understand the mustard sauce. Mustard sauce is a sauce made from mustard seeds or mustard tubers. It has a very pungent odor and a refreshing taste, which can cause everyone to have appetite. Mustard sauce is rich in vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, with analgesic meridians, sterilization, promote digestion and increase appetite and so on. Today, we taught us how to make mustard sauce with a mustard seed grinder.

The formula is as follows:
1. Equipment used: mustard seed making machine, sandwich pot
2. Production process: activation → grinding → hydrolysis → homogenization → bottling and sterilization
3. Activation: Mustard seeds were first soaked in water at 37°C for 30 hours in order to activate the glucosidase (myrosinase) in the mustard kernels and to fully hydrolyze the glucosinolates in the seed coats during hydrolysis to generate isothiocyanates. Allyl acid - spicy flavor.
4. Grinding: Grind the mustard seeds with a colloid mill, and add ice chips at the same time to ensure that the temperature of the abrasive is controlled at about 100° C. to prevent the enzyme from being deactivated; it is more appropriate to crush the particles and control them at about 60 mesh.
5. Hydrolysis: The mustard seed paste with white vinegar will be adjusted to PH value of 5-6, put a person in a stainless steel sandwich pot, cover and seal, turn on the steam, so that the pot paste heated to about 80 ~ C, in this temperature insulation 2--3 hours. Mix the rest of the ingredients and stir them evenly.
6. Homogenization: The uniformly stirred slurry is subjected to a grinder machine to make it uniform and fine.
7. Assembly Sterilization: The homogenized mustard sauce is placed in a clean glass bottle, sterilized, and ready for consumption after cooling.
Mustard Sauce Making Machine
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