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Peanut Sheller Machine Design
Publish:2018-03-15 By serena
Peanut sheller machine is mainly used to remove peanut shells by shelling. It has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, long service life, low half-grain rate, and good quality. It is suitable for processing peanuts of various specifications and is one of the tools that contributes greatly to the development of agriculture. The design and structure of peanut sheller machine is as follows:

The shelling structure of peanut shelling machine mainly includes two major categories of steel rod or steel grating concave structure mainly for striking and rubbing, and rubber roller or rubber floating concave structure mainly for squeezing and rubbing. The former has the disadvantage of high breakage rate of peanuts, and the latter has low shelling efficiency and removal rate.

Design: The peanut sheller is composed of frame, fan, rotor, single-phase motor, screen mesh (two sizes), hopper, vibrating screen, triangle belt wheel and transmission triangle belt. After the machine is running normally, the peanuts are put into the hopper quantitatively, evenly and continuously, and the peanuts are broken under the repeated impact, rubbing and collision of the peanuts.
Peanut grains and broken peanut shells are rotated through the rotor under the wind pressure and blow, through a certain aperture screen (peanuts first threshing with a large hole mesh screen, after the selection of small skin fruit replaced by a small hole screen mesh secondary shelling. At this time, the peanut shells and pellets were subjected to the blowing force of a rotating fan. The light weight peanut shells were blown out of the machine and the peanuts were screened by vibrating screens for cleaning purposes.
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Peanut Sheller Machine Design
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