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Peanut Roaster Drum for Sale
Publish:2018-03-14 By serena
The peanut roater drum is a horizontal roller baking machine which is directly roasted to the material. It includes horizontal drum pot body, the pot body supporting frame, pan arch body, a power transmission part, loading and unloading mechanism. The roasting machine can be used to roast peanut, pine nut, pistachio nut, cashew nut, almond, hazelnut and so on materials.

Use of Peanut Roaster Machine:
1. Before turning on the machine, add oil to the gears and keep them clean to reduce friction and extend service life. Bearings should be removed from each place and washed with new high-speed butter each year. If they are not used for a long time, they should be removed. , Remove debris from inside and outside the cylinder and from the chimney, etc. Apply a layer of oil to prevent rust. Then check the connection and insulation of the circuit. The outside of the body must be connected to the safety ground and then connected to the power supply.
2. The ignition temperature should start the motor, so that the cylinder rotation, to avoid partial heating cylinder; cylinder preheated to about 50 °C to feed materials, when the material is fired to the right time (frying time as the size of the fire, generally 14 -20 minutes, the temperature rose to 130 °C or so) immediately determine whether the discharge, (taken from the feed port to determine) if you can open the material outlet baffle, the material that is going out; 90 kg per pot fried Right and left are appropriate.
3. Roasting is completed, the fire is extinguished or the heating switch and the motor switch are turned off.
4. After use, the operator must check the power off before leaving.

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Peanut Roaster Drum
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