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How to dehull buckwheat?
Publish:2018-03-15 By serena
Buckwheat is a nutritious and healthy food that can prevent cardiovascular diseases. The protein content in buckwheat is as high as 11%. Especially lysine, which is generally lacking in grain, is quite rich in buckwheat, higher than wheat and rice. 2.7 times. Hulled buckwheat is very popular and there are many ways to eat it. So how to dehull buckwheat? Here will introduce a dedicated buckwheat dehuller machine.
Main parts of the buckwheat shelling machine are feeding hopper, raw material elevator, dehuller machine, separating screen and sorting machine for kernel and shell, leaf spring screen, collecting hopper, electric controlling cabinet. The working process of buckwheat dehuller is as follows:

1. Clean up
Because from the ground close to the unprocessed buckwheat may be doped with many impurities, we need to clean it. Our factory design for the multi function of buckwheat paddy cleaning impurity removing machine is the most advanced and professional equipment.
2. Classification
The buckwheat raw grains after cleaning the size is different, in order to obtain good results for buckwheat shelling, must be aligned to grade, only the same level, the same size and grain buckwheat shelling, in order to reduce the broken rate.
3. Shelling separation
The shelling part is the most critical part of the whole buckwheat production line. We have designed a micro debugging buckwheat sheller, which has applied for the national invention patent and has been authorized. The shell after the raw material is a mixture of buckwheat powder, shell, and hulled grain, must be classified to rice, shell, powder separated from the mixture, we through the vibration sieve to remove dust, wind and cyclone sieve peeling the shell separated and concentrated, with a sieve and rice unhulled grain from rice can be collected to the next process, unhulled grain circulation to the buckwheat shelling machine shell again.

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