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How are hemp seeds hulled?
Publish:2018-03-12 By serena
1. Hemp Seeds Introduction
Hemp taste fresh mellow, delicious, nutritious, containing all the nutrients the body needs, diet, vitamins and minerals, especially phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc, the zinc and iron content and proportion of the most suitable for human needs. Its protein content is very high. It contains all 8 essential fatty acids and essential amino acids needed by human body. These nutrients are essential nutrients to maintain human health, but the body itself can not be synthesized, and must be supplemented by food.
Hemp Seed Hulling Machine Price
2. How are hemp seeds hulled?
The hemp seed hulling machine is a professional device to remove the hemp seed hulls. It is composed of a hopper, material lifting machine, multifunctional cleaning machine, bucket elevator, shelling machine, double check machine (3), hopper, suction back feeding system and an electric control cabinet.
Technicla data:
Power: 4.42kw (380v/50HZ)
Whole Kernel Rate: more than 95%
Capacity: 200-300kg/h
Space Occupied: 6.2*2.5m
Height: 3.2 m
Weight: 1.5 t
3. How to eat hulled hemp seeds?
a. Hemp seed porridge: Take 15 grams of hemp seed, perilla seed 10 grams, rice amount, mixed with porridge to drink.
b. Hemp seed tea: The hemp seed and sesame fried yellow, then crushed, and then use gauze to filter out scum, as long as the powder. After the cloth wrapped and placed in boiling water for a few minutes, finally put a little sugar, you can drink tea.
c. Hemp fruit wine: Take 22 huoma, grinding broken, followed by a pound of rice wine for drinking.
d. Fried food: Cooking with a little oil is the healthiest way to eat.
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How are hemp seeds hulled?
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