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Sunflower Seed Sheller Where to Buy
Publish:2018-03-08 By serena
LONGER Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large and comprehensive group of mechanical equipment manufacturers. We mainly engaged in food machinery. The main products are sunflower seed sheller machine, peanut butter production line, tahini production line, melon seed roasting machine, peanut coating machine, almond shelling machine, cashew shelling unit, peanut shelling unit and so on. But where can you buy a good sunflower seed sheller machine? Our machine will be your good choice because our sunflower seed dehulling machine has follwing featurers:
Buy Sunflower Seed Sheller Machine
First, the equipment structure of sunflower seed baking line. In theory, the water in the melon seeds is large, the initial moisture is about 55%, and a large amount of water needs to be evaporated when it is dry. The multi-layer structure is smaller because of the small space, which causes the circulation fan, heat exchanger, and tide discharge to be arranged according to the melon seed technology. So our sunflower seed baking machine uses a single layer baking structure.
Second, the drying of sunflower seeds is suitable for convection heat transfer. Some equipment manufacturers still use radiation heating so far, which will cause local overheating, resulting in the stiffness of the melon seeds. Many customers don't know! Although a lot of material is omitted in the structure of the equipment, it is an endless annoyance to the customers. High energy consumption, low yield and uneven dry and wet production of melon seeds.

Third, the circulation system is related to the quality of the drying effect. We use the high temperature double suction mouth self-made fan, the air volume is big, the electric power is small, durable. The heat exchanger adopts the U tube steel aluminum rolling structure to prevent heat expansion and contraction, and the heat exchange effect is good. The uniform wind structure ensures the evenness of the dried melon seeds. The whole system is in the incubator, and the loss of heat is controlled to a minimum.
Our sunflower seed roaster is in accordance with the principle of heat transfer and the structure is reasonable. Low energy consumption and large amount of production. 
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Sunflower Seed Sheller Machine Where to Buy
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