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How to crack almonds shell?
Publish:2018-02-26 By serena
Almonds wrapped in almond shells, almond kernel is very crisp, almond shell is very thick and very hard, so it is difficult to handle in the process of shelling. When shelling almond, almond is easy to break, reduce the quality of almonds. At present, almond is usually used to double shelling roller extrusion device. In order to solve and overcome the shortcomings of previous shelling technology, we also provide an almond shell cracking machine has the advantages of simple structure, easy adjustment, high production efficiency. It is a best device to crack almond shell.

Almond cracker machine introduction:
The almond sheller consists of a frame, an active roller, a passive roll, a motor and a belt drive device, and the motor and the active roller are mounted on the rack. The belt drive device comprises a drive pulley and the driven pulley, the pulley mounted on the output shaft of the motor shaft, the driven pulley is mounted on a driving roller end on the drive pulley and the driven pulley are connected together by a triangle belt, which is the driven roller is free roller. Through two sets of passive roller spacing adjustment device is arranged on the machine frame, a driving roller through almond to transmit power to the driven roller, reverse differential rotation between the two rollers, the apricot in friction drive roller and the driven roller and extrusion shell. The distance between the passive roll and the active roller is adjusted to meet the requirements for the processing of different specifications.

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