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Almond Shelling Process
Publish:2018-02-26 By serena
Apricot nutritional value is high, the nutritional value of almonds is also very rich. Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, moderate consumption can not only effectively control the body's cholesterol content, but also significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and a variety of chronic diseases, is good for heart health.
Since almonds are very crisp, almond shells are thick and very hard, it is very difficult to carry out shelling treatment. In the process of shelling of almonds, it is easy to break almonds kernel and reduce the quality of almonds. However, our three-stage almond shelling machine can divide the almonds into three levels according to the size, respectively shelling, with the perfect shelling effect, low kernel broken rate and good flavor. Following is the introduction of machine and almond shelling process:
Almond Shelling Machine for Sale
Component of Almond Shelling Unit:
The almond processing line consists of two units and control cabinet.
1. Grading unit: from the hopper, hoist and grader composition. This section can be divided into three levels of apricot kernels.
2. Shelling sorting unit: the hopper, bucket elevator, shelling machine, sorting screen, back to feed hoist and feed back to the linear sieve composition.
Almond shelling process:The apricot kernels are first graded, and then individually sheared for each level. During processing, the un-shelling almonds are automatically returned to the shelling machine for the next shelling cycle. The set of shelling machine has these advantages of high shelling efficiency, whole kernel rate, easy operation and maintenance.
Technical Data of Almond Shelling Machine
Shelling Rate:98%
Broken Rate:5%

Almond Shelling Process
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