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Broad Beans Peel or Not
Publish:2018-02-23 By serena
The main components of the broad bean are starch and protein. So, people used the broad bean as a supplement to eat it. In addition, the broad bean skin is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis. Broad bean is also rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and so on. It has a certain effect on hypertension, swelling and constipation. Often eating Vicia beans can reduce blood pressure. Fresh broad bean market time is shorter, can keep the bean frozen, it is recommended that you often eat.
Broad beans are divided into tender broad beans and old broad beans. There are many ways to eat tender broad bean, you can peel or not; old broad beans eat there are many, usually peeled. And our broad bean peeling machine can be used to peel any kind of broad bean skin with low kernel damage and perfect peeling effect. Following will introduce some methods of eating peeled broad beans, and our broad bean peeler machine.
Broad Bean Peel or Not
The use of broad bean:
1. the edible method of the broad bean is many, can cook, stir fry, fried, also can be soaked and peel skin, make stir fry or soup;
2. made of silkworm bean sprout, its taste is more delicious;
3. broad bean is the raw materials of production of vermicelli, vermicelli powder and others; it can also be processed into bean paste, making cakes;
4. bean steaming processing canned food, also can be made of soy sauce, bean sauce, chili sauce, etc.. It can also make all kinds of snack food.

The function and characteristics of the broad bean peeling machine:
LGTP-200 broad bean peeling machine is the patent product of LONGER mechanical independent intellectual property rights. It contains a number of national patents and is a professional equipment for the production of broad beans. The peeling machine can remove the skin of the broad bean, without damaging the characteristics of its grain, and can separate the beans and skin.
The machine has the characteristics of reasonable design, compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high automation, high rice yield, high rice rate and good peeling effect. It is the best equipment for peeling the broad bean. Welcome you inquiry the broad bean peeling machine!
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