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How to make mustard paste from mustard seeds?
Publish:2018-02-22 By serena
how to make mustard paste from mustard seedsMustard paste is a thick yellow brown substance with strong flavor. It is made from mustard seed mixed with water, vinegar or alcohol. It will also add spices or other additives to enhance aroma or add color, such as turmeric (add color and aroma).
Edible method: Consider adding a note when cooking, don't put too much, so as not to cause physical discomfort. Eat too much to hurt the stomach.
Storage method: Mustard paste is sealed and stored at room temperature, avoiding light and moisture-proof, and the shelf life is about 6 months. Mustard is not suitable for long term storage. Do not continue to eat when oil is exudative and bitter. Add some sugar or mustard in vinegar, can buffer spicy, and make it better flavor.
Mustard paste grinder is a perfect device to make paste. It is a kind of equipment for shearing, emulsifying, dispersing and mixing materials. The material of mustard paste grinding machine is made of sanitary grade 304/316 stainless steel, commonly used in food, pharmacy and chemical industries.
The working principle of the colloid mill is that the motor drives the rotor and the stator to rotate at a relatively high speed. When the material to be processed passes through the gap between the fixed teeth and the rotating teeth, it is subjected to strong physical effects such as shearing force, friction force and high frequency vibration Material is effectively emulsified, dispersed and crushed, to achieve ultrafine grinding and emulsifying effect. Grinder structure is very simple, so maintenance is also very convenient, colloidal grinding for higher viscosity materials and larger particles of material.

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