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How to operate coconut oil press machine?
Publish:2018-02-19 By serena
We have devoted in manufacturing coconut oil press machine for many years. The hydraulic oil press machine also can be used to make sesame oil, cocoa oil, peanut oil, almond oil etc. Following will tell you how to operate the oil extraction machine.
Clean the tank and add enough hydraulic oil, check the line connection is correct, check the various parts of the bolt is loose.
1, hold the handle on the top plate, completely open the top plate, so that it is 180 degrees with the working position. Then place a mat on the bottom of the press and lower the piston in place.
2, before each oil preheating, preheating temperature: summer, autumn is 50 degrees -70 degrees, winter, spring is 70 degrees -90 degrees. Automatic control of the preheating system does not have to turn off the temperature control switch.
3, each time before the oil, empty machine running for 1-2 minutes; spring hydraulic oil should be empty to run 5-10 minutes, the oil thinning, easy to operate.
4, the fried good materials, exhaust fumes, isqueezed into zetoms.
5, squeeze the oil pad at the end of a good mats, put the separator plate on the squeezed zetoms. upper end flat push into the squeezed zetoms, if less fuel, the fuel can be turned on when the boot, so that the oil remains in the plane, slightly below Extrude the upper surface; otherwise, can not meet the roof, lift the manual valve handle, power press.
6, LONGER new hydraulic sesame oil press must be hand operations, the host is not allowed during the step-up pressure, the pressure gauge to 55 MPa main motor stop working, or should immediately turn off the power, check the pressure gauge is damaged, failure , AC contactor is damaged, if damaged should be replaced immediately after checking the correct use.
7, when the pressure gauge rose to 55 MPa when the electrical control system automatically stops; when squeezed zetoms pressure dropped to 45 MPa, the electrical control system automatically opens; pressure gauge pressure rise again, squeezing out the oil seam oil-free oozing, That oil has been squeezed.
8, shut down, hold the hand control valve handle pressure hand valve spool, squeezed zetoms down to the top 10 mm, lift the manual valve handle, open the roof.
9, the boot, fuel cake rise, the top of the piston above the squeezed squeeze 5 about 5 mm disabilities; shutdown, remove the partition board and mat, remove the cake oil.
10, pressing down the handle, the piston down, ready for the second press.

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