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Coconut Oil Extraction Process
Publish:2018-02-11 By serena
The main production area of coconut trees in Asia, Pacific Islands, Africa and the Americas south, high yield of coconut trees. Usually, coconut meat is dried after drying, and coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut. Fresh coconut meat contains 30% - 40% oil and 50% water, while the dried coconut oil content is 60% - 70%, and moisture 4% - 7% coconut oil has special fragrance. In 2000, the output of world coconut oil was 3 million 310 thousand tons. Philippines is the largest supplier of coconut oil in the world, followed by Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua, Guinea and New Zealand.

As a professional coconut oil extraction machine manufacturer, we have mastered the technology and technical parameters of coconut dry oil extraction, detailed as follows:
1. Dry processing: including the use of coconut dry raw materials, extracted from the mill or oil extraction machine mechanical extraction, the mechanical extraction of oil is the second extraction with solvent as a supplement to the recovery of residual oil.
2. Mechanical coconut oil extraction process: The water content of 10% -12% of the coconut stem transported to the automatic scale through the magnetic chamber to remove crushed iron, ground into particles of about 0.3cm in diameter, the particles are pressed into flakes to expand the surface of coconut dry Oil system.
Flow chart: dry coconut, automatic scale, magnet, grinding machine, steaming and quenching and tempering device, coconut  oil extraction machine, precipitator, filter, coconut oil
The main parts of hydraulic oil press machine with a piston, hydraulic cylinder, column, beam and base, activities of oil pump, cylinder, electric heating coil and automatic temperature control device etc.. The materials are made of high quality metal materials, thus greatly improving the performance of the machine and ensuring the service life of the components.

Following is a brief introduction of coconut oil extraction process, if you are interested in coconut oil extraction machine, just feel free to contact us.
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Coconut Oil Extraction Process
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