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Publish:2018-02-03 By serena
Peanut stone cleaning machine sorts out the basic dimensions of the same basic granular materials according to the proportion of the difference, the proportion of larger and smaller components separated from the original material(peanut). In seed processing, it is mainly used to remove stone, clods and other large proportion of impurities and partially under-filled seeds, moth-eaten seeds, germinating seeds, metamorphosed seeds and other less-heavy impurities mixed in grain seeds. It has these advantages of smooth operation, small vibration, low noise, no environmental pollution, good cleaning stone effect.

We are professional manufacturer of peanut stone cleaning machine, peanut shelling machine, peanut skin peeling machine, roasting machine etc. Here by us to introduce some use precautions of peanut stone cleaner machine.
1, before starting the operation, we should first cover the bottom of the screen with peanuts, and put some small stones on the bottom of the stone outlet to press the screen bottom. Otherwise, if the wind is too large, the peanut will blow out of the screen and start for 2 minutes after starting.
2, if there is grass, peanut mulching, peanut ridge too much in the machine work after a period of time, in the flow direction of fruit bucket, sieve bottom will be formed to jam grass ball peanut fruit bucket flow stream, please clear the timing or peanut fruit will help flow sieve from both sides to the ground.
3, after normal operation, the impurities at the stone mouth, stone, etc. should not be put too clean, leaving a part of the sieve bottom, otherwise the peanuts will blow out the screen.
4, the wind delivery tongue should be adjusted according to the situation of peanuts, lifting up and decreasing the speed of fruit flow, lowering the fruit load to the fruit blender, and the two loading of shelling machine is also the same. The above two are related to the speed and the closing speed of fruit blender.
5. The inlet of the wind blower is not too long to be inserted into the cone of the fruit machine. It is suitable to be about 4 centimeters, and the speed of inserting too long can be slowed down obviously.
The above is peanut stone cleaner machine use note. In use, we must pay attention to ensure the normal operation of the machine. In peacetime, we should pay attention to maintenance, prolong the service life of the grain stone cleaning machine and improve the efficiency of the machine.
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