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Types of Peanut Peelers
Publish:2018-01-31 By serena
The peanut peeler machine, also called the peanut skin removing machine, is a new type of agricultural machinery that stripped off the red skin of peanuts. At present, according to the different process of peeling, the peanut peeler can be divided into two kinds: wet peanut peeler machine and roasted peanut peeler. The following is an analysis by the professional and technical staff of LONGER Machinery Company:
Work process comparison:
Wet peanut peeling machine as the name implies, is in the process of peeling, you need to add water to make the peeling process of humidity, after peeled, peanut to be properly drying; and dry peanut peeling machine, is in the whole process without adding any of water, the raw material must be roasted peanuts.
Working principle comparison:
1. Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine: The unit is composed of a peeling machine, a sieve box and a skin storage device. Peeling machine for removing a variety of peanut red skin, the skin will take off the storage device for the red skin through the suction fan. The machine adopts the skin roll peeling method, with stable and reliable performance, long service life, good peeling effect, split broken valve of high productivity, good quality.
Roasted Peanut Peeler Machine
2. Wet Peanut Peeling Machine: The wet peanuts (beans, almonds) poured into the hopper, the vibrations make the raw materials into rotation wheel by three power roller fixed.Through the function of the guide bar and the feeding wheel,the blade of the knife holder is used to cut the raw material outer skin,and then the discharging wheel presses the peeled rice,the kernel and the bean into the hopper,and is discharged from the discharge hopper,and the outer skin is thrown out by the leather throwing wheel. The machine is unique in its high peeling rate, not broken peanut kernel, white color, the surface is not brown, protein invariance.
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Wet Peanut Peeler Machine
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