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How to choose good pistachio nut opener machine?
Publish:2018-01-29 By serena
The principle of choosing a good automatic pistachio nut opener machine is as follows:
1. Does the manufacturer have the production conditions, production equipment, design and manufacturing capabilities, whether there are new product development capabilities, whether the product testing facilities (gas phase and liquid phase) are complete, and whether it can provide relevant inspection reports and relevant qualification documents of producers.
2. Whether the tank is a one-time casting molding, not a one-time casting of the security of the machine can not be guaranteed, can not be long-term treatment of stressful materials.
3. The damping system of the machine is crucial, and the extruder without a shock-absorbing guide can not protect the main unit, pressure gauge and other components.
4. Manufacturer's commitment to after-sales service content and warranty time; whether the business license's legal representative is in conformity with the identity of the person in charge of the company, and whether there is a manufacturing workshop. These are subject to field inspection test.
5. Whether the equipment used by large manufacturers and applicable, is the bulk purchase is the key to testing whether there is quality assurance. My company's opening machine since its successful development, has been a lot of large-scale food manufacturers bulk purchase and put into use, sold to many countries.

The pistachio opener machine also can be used to process pine nut, hazelnut etc. If you are interested in the machine, just feel free to contact us or leave your message.
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Automatic Pistachio Nut Opener
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