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How do you open pine nuts?
Publish:2018-01-29 By serena
how do you open pine nutsPine nuts are seeds of pine. Pine nuts contain fat, protein, carbohydrates, etc., both an important traditional Chinese medicine, but also a high therapeutic value. Pine nuts with the advantages of anti-aging, prevention of cardiovascular disease, nourishing the lungs and lungs, bowel catharsis, physical illnesses, disease prevention and delay, emollient and many other nutrition and health effects. Due to the extremely high nutritional value of pine nuts and the modern awareness of health and the continuous improvement of the concept, the value of pine nuts has been widely recognized by the people. Therefore, the demand for pine nuts in the market is also growing and the prices are also getting higher and higher , In many parts of the retail price of pine nuts has been as high as 60 yuan a pound.
Currently on the market is the use of fried pine nuts to make it open, usually first pine nuts polished, peeled and then soaked with alkaline aqueous solution, and then fried with high temperature oil to open. The method of opening pine nuts, not only violates the safe production of food, more importantly, pine nuts after frying, make its original nutritional value lost.
After decades of development, combined with years of mechanical research and development, production experience, LONGER Machinery Co., Ltd has developed a new generation of automatic pine nut shell opener with the latest advanced technology.
Working principle of pine nut opening machine
The pine nut opening machine uses purely physical principles, do not add any additives, to maximize the rich nutritional value of pine nuts. First of all, fresh pine nuts are added to a closed canister to be heated by steam or liquefied gas to obtain high temperature and high pressure; and then instantaneous pressure relief forms the pressure difference between the inside and the outside so as to achieve the opening of the pine nuts.
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