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Diesel Oil Supply Adjustment of Castor Seed Shelling Machine
Publish:2017-10-24 By serena
The diesel oil supply of castor seed shelling machine should meet the needs of equipment in various circumstances, so when you encounter problems, you need to adjust the amount of fuel supply to it, the specific adjustment is as follows:
In order to meet the requirements of equipment load, the oil supply of castor sheller must be adjusted in the range of maximum oil supply to zero oil supply. The adjustment of the oil supply amount is realized by the simultaneous rotation of all the plungers of the castor sheller by the gear bar and the rotating sleeve. When the plunger rotates, the starting time of the oil supply is unchanged, and the end of the oil supply time is changed due to the change of the position of the piston back to the oil return hole of the plunger sleeve. With the angle of the piston rotation different, the effective stroke of the plunger is different, so the amount of oil supply will change accordingly.
The greater the plunger for oil supply rotation angle, then the plunger on the end to open the piston sleeve oil return hole edge distance is large, the amount of oil of castor huller is also bigger, if the plunger rotating angle is smaller, off the oil starts earlier, smaller amount of oil. When the equipment stops, the oil must be cut off. Therefore, the longitudinal groove on the plunger can be turned to the oil return hole of the piston sleeve.
At this time, in the whole plunger stroke, the fuel in the plunger sleeve has been flowing back through the longitudinal groove and oil return hole, no oil pressure process, so the amount of oil supply is equal to zero. When the piston rotates, the fuel supply is adjusted by changing the time of the end of the fuel supply. This method is called the method of adjusting the fuel supply end point.
At the same time, the castor bean shell peeler  must provide enough fuel to the injector to ensure a good atomization quality so that you don't have to worry about the failure if you adjust it. If you need the machine or want to know more about the castor seed shelling machine, jsut feel free to contact me.

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Diesel Oil Castor Seed Shelling Machine

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