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Repair and Maintenance of Spices Grinding Machine
Publish:2017-10-17 By serena
The spices grinding machine uses the relative high-speed running between the movable gear disc and the fixed gear disc, so that the crushed material is crushed by the impact of the gear disc, the friction and the collision between the materials. The crushed material can be discharged directly from the grinding chamber. In short, it's crushed by a hammer. Universal crusher is suitable for brittle materials.
Powder grinding machine is suitable for white sugar, sugar, salt, rice, corn, starch, oats, wheat flour, fried beans, peas, lentils, mung bean, attach chicken essence, spices, monosodium glutamate, spices, flavors, sweeteners, dried fruit, nuts, potato chips, broken bread, cocoa powder, potato powder, tea, green tea, mulberry leaf, coffee, milk powder, onion, dehydrated vegetables, lotus seed, glucose, gastrodia elata, ginseng, oat hulls, shells, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, chili, pepper, naked oats, star anise, cinnamon.

Repair and Maintenance of Spices Grinding Machine:
1, first check the grinder outlet, plug, power line whether there is oxygen shedding, fracture, if not, you can plug in power test machine.
2, when the motor is energized without rotating the hand wheel and toggle rotation, can be concluded that two starting capacitor mill had a capacity of failure caused by. In this case, generally only new products.
3, another situation is that the power does not rotate, the external force can rotate, but the motor emits a weak current noise, is the start capacitor leakage slightly caused by. If the current noise is too large, the motor can not start, judging by the start capacitor short circuit (motor coil short circuit will need professional repair). In the absence of professional equipment, can take off the capacitor (4UF / 400V), the two leads were inserted into the electric zero and FireWire Jack to charge the capacitor, and then remove the two wire short circuit discharge. If the discharge spark can be produced and there is a loud "bang" sound, the capacitor can be used; if the spark and sound are weak, the capacity of the capacitor has decreased, and it needs to be replaced or replaced by a small capacitor. If the capacitor has been damaged short circuit can not use this method, and must be replaced with the same specifications of new products can be repaired.
Spices Grinding Machine
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8th Floor, Building 8, Jingkai Square, No.1507, Hanghai East Road, Free Trade Zone, Zhengzhou, China.
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