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How to Choose Pepper Powder Mill Machine?
Publish:2017-10-16 By serena
Powder mill machine is divided into: universal grinder, superfine crusher, Turbine Crusher, dust crusher, platen crusher, coarse crusher and so on. We should choose the pepper powder mill machine according to the fellow four principles:
1, according to grinding raw materials to choose
To crush grain feed mainly, hammer mill can choose the top feed; crushing bran to Gu Mailei feed mainly, can choose the jaw crusher; if the common good, such as powder grains, both grain and straw cake, can choose the tangential feed hammer crushing grinding machine; shells and other mineral feed, can choose the shell of sieve disintegrator; pretreatment for pre mixed feed such as fine crushing product size requirements and can be adjusted according to need, should use special sieve disintegrator etc..
2, according to the matching power to choose
The machine instructions and nameplate contain the power kw of the grinder matching motor. It often shows not a fixed number, but a certain range. There are two reasons: first, the raw materials are different, and the required power varies greatly. For example, under the same working conditions, the power of smashing sorghum is twice as much as that of crushing corn. The two is that when the screen is changed, the load of the crusher has a great influence.
3, according to the way of nesting to choose
There are three ways to crush the finished product through the discharging device: self weight dropping, negative pressure suction and mechanical conveying. The single machine adopts the self weight cutting method to simplify the structure. Most of the medium-sized pulverizer with negative pressure suction device, the advantage is to suck the moisture of the finished product, reduce the humidity in the finished product, is conducive to storage, improve the crushing efficiency 10 - 15%, reduce the dust dispersion in the crushing room.
4, according to dust and noise to choose
The dust and noise in feed processing mainly come from the pulverizer. Selection of the two environmental sanitation indicators should be taken into full consideration. If the last resort the mill noise and dust is high, should adopt the silencing and dust control measures, to improve the working environment conducive to the health of the operator. Today mainly introduces how to choose the four main points of grinding machine, hope that the next time you choose grinding machine can help you.
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